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AAAI 2015 Social Media Games

As a part of AAAI-15's social media outreach, conference participants can participate in a Paper Scavenger Hunt via Twitter, and compete to win prizes. There will be three daily scavenger hunts from Tuesday to Thursday of the conference.

Here are the instructions and rules:

  1. This scavenger hunt will operate through Twitter's direct message feature. In order to use this, you must follow AAAI's twitter account, and it must follow you back. Begin by following "@AAAIConference". The account will respond by following you back prior to the beginning of the conference. If you have a private Twitter account, please accept the follow request prior to the beginning of the conference.
  2. Begin your scavenger hunt by sending a direct message to @AAAIConference simply saying "Begin". You will receive a response with an initial clue, as well as a keyword. The keyword exists to ensure you are following the clues in order, and cannot just send random papers to us.
  3. When you believe you have found the solution to the aforementioned clue, send a direct message to @AAAIConference with the following text "<previous keyword> <paper ID answer>". So, for example, if the first keyword you received was "keyword1", and you believed the answer to the first clue is paper ID "100", you would send a direct message with the text "keyword1 100".
  4. If your answer is incorrect, you will receive a message indicating that. If your answer is correct, you will receive a response with the next keyword, and the next clue. Repeat Step 3 until the final message you receive indicates you have finished the Scavenger Hunt!

Winners will be announced via Twitter