Pathfinding Benchmarks: File Formats

This page is part of Nathan Sturtevant's Moving AI Lab at the University of Alberta.
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Map Format

The maps have the following format:

All maps begin with the lines:

type octile
height y
width x
where y and x are the respective height and width of the map.

The map data is store as an ASCII grid. The upper-left corner of the map is (0,0). The following characters are possible:

. - passable terrain
G - passable terrain
@ - out of bounds
O - out of bounds
T - trees (unpassable)
S - swamp (passable from regular terrain)
W - water (traversable, but not passable from terrain)

Scenario Format

Code to load the scenario files is available as part of HOG2, or can be accessed here: ScenarioLoader.cpp and ScenarioLoader.h

The scenario files have the following format.

  • The begin with the text "version x.x". This document describes version 1.0. The trailing 0 is optional.
  • Each line of a scenario has 9 fields:
    Bucketmapmap widthmap heightstart x-coordinatestart y-coordinategoal x-coordinategoal y-coordinateoptimal length


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