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Grid-Based Pathfinding Benchmark Problems
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GPPC: Grid-Based Path Planning Competition


A wide variety of researchers have used grid-based maps as testbeds for search and they are also used in many deployed applications. There has been, however, a shortage of comparisons between existing work, and many published techniques may not apply in more real-world situations. The advent of widely available benchmark problems ( is one step towards encouraging comparison between existing approaches.

The Grid-Based Path Planning Competition (GPPC), begun in 2012, is the second half of this effort. Individuals and researchers interested in grid-based path planning are encouraged to enter their code into the competition. This will provide a meaningful comparison between many approaches that was previously unavilable.

Competition Update - August 2021

The GPPC will be resuming in 2021, with new competition options and submission formats. The full details will be released shortly, but include:

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