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Grid-Based Pathfinding Benchmark Problems
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GPPC: Grid-Based Path Planning Competition


A wide variety of researchers have used grid-based maps as testbeds for search and they are also used in many deployed applications. There has been, however, a shortage of comparisons between existing work, and many published techniques may not apply in more real-world situations. The advent of widely available benchmark problems ( is one step towards encouraging comparison between existing approaches.

The Grid-Based Path Planning Competition (GPPC), begun in 2012, is the second half of this effort. Individuals and researchers interested in grid-based path planning are encouraged to enter their code into the competition. This will provide a meaningful comparison between many approaches that was previously unavilable.

There will not be a GPPC in 2016. The next GPPC will be in 2017. We are working on improving the results page with better access to code and results. We are also working on changing the competition code to reduce overhead. More details will be avialable soon.

Competition Update - November 2017

We will release an official call for entries in the next month or so. We are currently in the process of a web site re-design that will make all code and results much easier to access. Once this is complete, the date for the next GPPC competition will be announced. It will likely be sometime in early 2018.

Competition Chair:

Nathan Sturtevant, University of Denver

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