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October 12-14, 2011, Stanford, Palo Alto, California

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There will be 3 workshops at AIIDE. Submission deadline is July 18 22 (updated), 2011. Notification is August 18, 2011.

  • Intelligent Narrative Technologies 4
    • Organizers: Emmett Tomai, University of Texas - Pan American; Jon Rowe, North Carolina State University; and David Elson, Columbia University/Google
    • Description:
      Narrative is a pervasive aspect of human culture, one of the fundamental frameworks by which people view the world and comprehend their experiences. As computers, the Internet, and digital games play an ever-increasing role in social interaction, education and entertainment, they introduce novel opportunities for sharing, creating, and understanding stories. Intelligent narrative technologies enable computational systems to give users immersive and compelling experiences. This workshop will be the fourth gathering in the Intelligent Narrative Technologies (INT) series of symposia and workshops. The 2011 INT IV workshop aims to advance research and practice in interactive and non-interactive narrative technologies by bringing together relevant communities to discuss innovations, progress and developing work following previous workshops. Our goal is to bring together a multidisciplinary group of researchers and practitioners interested in discussing fundamental issues in representing, displaying, adapting, and reasoning about narrative in digital media.
  • Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in the Game Design Process (IDP11)
    • Organizers: Adam M. Smith and Gillian Smith, UC Santa Cruz
    • Description:
      "Game AI" usually brings to mind the development of algorithms that drive the behavior of agents in a s virtual world. However, we are interested in a different way that AI can intersect games -- during the design process -- and are excited to host a workshop on this topic for the first time. How can retrieval, inference, knowledge representation, learning, and search loosen the bottlenecks in the game design process? How can AI provide assistance to game designers and/or share the creative responsibilities in design? Bringing concerns from design studies, computational creativity, and game production into contact with AI can result in a radically new and productive view of AI in games. This workshop aims to be true to authentic game design concerns, operating outside of a strictly scientific perspective. Accordingly, input from an industry viewpoint will be greatly valued. We seeking interesting new problems in addition to design-inspired solutions.
  • Workshop on Non Player Character AI (Held jointly with INT4)
    • Organizers: Charles Isbell, Georgia Tech; David Roberts, North Carolina State University; Chris Simpkins, Georgia Tech Research Institute
    • Description:
      Non-player characters (NPCs) are becoming ever more im- portant. Commercial games rely on non-player characters to provide single-story Military and other organizations are rapidly ramping up their efforts to develop interactive experiential training simulations for a wide range of skills from cultural awareness to medical triage; non-player characters play a central role in creating these training simulations. And the burgeoning field of interactive narrative, drama and storytelling has recognized non-player characters as an essential element from the beginning.