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The 2nd International General Game Playing Workshop

GIGA 2011: The 2nd International General Game Playing Workshop
Distance Features for General Game Playing
Daniel Michulke, Stephan Schiffel
On the Complexity of BDDs for State Space Search: A Case Study in Connect Four
Stefan Edelkamp, Peter Kissmann
Game-Tree Properties and MCTS Performance
Hilmar Finnsson, Yngvi Björnsson
Neural Networks for High-Resolution State Evaluation in General Game Playing
Daniel Michulke
Tree parallelization of Ary on a cluster
Jean Méhat, Tristan Cazenave
MCTS: Improved Action Selection Techniques for Deterministic Games
Stefan Freyr Gudmundsson, Yngvi Björnsson
On the Comparative Expressiveness of Epistemic Models and GDL-II
Ji Ruan, Michael Thielscher
Heuristic Interpretation of Predicate Logic Expressions in General Game Playing
Daniel Michulke
A Forward Chaining Based Game Description Language Compiler
Abdallah Saffidine, Tristan Cazenave
Extending the General Game Playing Framework to Other Languages
Xinxin Sheng, David Thuente
First-Order Logic with Counting for General Game Playing
Lukasz Kaiser, Łukasz Stafiniak
Translating the Game Description Language to Toss
Lukasz Kaiser, Łukasz Stafiniak